Ravings of Lunatics

John Browning
Ed Darden IV
Ann Huber
Ed Darden
Jan Darden
Dave Schmidt
Ashley Fidalgo
Martin Ilic
Jim Gibbs
Lola Benneyan
Frank Benneyan
Bruce Lackey
Barbara Curran
Hank Palmer
Scott Morgan
Tiffani Morgan
M o r e   R a v i n g s

Pickleball Madness

Pickleball is a relatively new sport and we pickleballers are an odd collection. Some are young. Some are old. Many have been stars in different and diverse sports. Others have had no serious connection to sports until discovering pickleball. Everyone who plays the game has an interesting and surprising story and we like to share those stories. There's just something about the game of pickleball that seems to bring out emotion and energy from deep within us, making each match feel more like a marvelous party!

Ed Darden
H E A D  O F  I N S A N I T Y